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Healing Homeopaths provides a full range of homeopathic treatments. If you want to discuss anything in more details, please call Geetu on 07713 233333.

What to expect from a consultation
  • The first consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss in detail any physical or emotional health problems which may be causing you concern or discomfort. 

  • All information that you provide is confidential.

  • During your consultation it is important that you feel able to discuss any concerns - no matter how small you think they seem. I may be interested in many aspects of your health which may appear to be unrelated to your presenting complaint.

  • The first consultation can take some time, because I will need detailed information about your health and how you are feeling, in order to help me to select the most appropriate remedy for you, at this time. Be prepared for the first consultation to last about 1 hour for adults and 45 minutes for children.


Click to download the adult patient pre-consultation questionnaire.

Family consultations

Where more than one family member is receiving treatment, it is usually preferable for adults to speak to me alone for at least part of the consultation; I must emphasize again that whatever a patient, even a minor, tells me is in the strictest confidence.


Click to download the child patient pre-consultation questionnaire.

Acute treatment

Homeopathy can help alleviate and resolve acute conditions very quickly by helping the body self heal rather than suppressing symptoms. Remedies are selected on individual symptoms of the condition and a number of different remedies may be required as the condition progresses through its stages.


Click to download the pre-consultation acute questionnaire.

Chronic treatment

Homeopathy is an individualised treatment, which aims to rid the body of the problem rather than just “treat” the symptoms. Treatments, therefore, can differ in length. Long-standing conditions generally take longer to treat, eg eczema can take 6 months to 2 years. Generally you can expect to see a homeopath once a month for 3 months to start, increasing in intervals if further treatment is required. An improvement in mood, energy levels and well-being is usually experienced from the start. Homeopathy is for health so regular check-up consultations are recommended to maintain it.

Remedies and reactions

Your prescription will come in tablet, liquid or pill form with individual instructions. They are taken quite differently to conventional medicine and ideally should be taken 15 minutes either side of strong foods or drink, eg coffee, toothpaste. Also please store them in cool dark conditions.


The remedies are natural and free from toxicity, unlike conventional medicines, so there are no side effects. However there may be an initial worsening, old symptoms returning or discharging. These are all part of the natural healing process and a good sign. Please call me if you are concerned so I can reassure you or re-treat if necessary.


Since homeopathic remedies are completely natural and non-toxic, they are safe for everyone including babies, children and during pregnancy. Where necessary, they can also be used alongside conventional medicines without interfering with their action. In many cases, however, treatment may reduce or remove the need for conventional drugs, in consultation with your GP.


Homeopathy is a non-statutory health care provision however I am registered with The Society of Homeopaths and as such, I am obliged to practice within a strict professional and ethical code of conduct.

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