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Women can experience hormonal imbalances, resulting in menstrual problems, including period pains, irregular menses, heavy bleeding, late onset of menses, PMT, infertility and uterine problems. The list is neverending.


Homeopathy treats the person as a whole, taking into account the physical, mental and emotional state of a person, as well as any underlying (inherited) issues.


My treatment approach varies from person to person, but can include:


  • constitutional prescribing (complete presenting state)

  • organ support and drainage

  • chakra prescribing


Chakra prescribing - in this case the sacral chakra, ie our reproductive organs are supported and positively energised through remedies.

"Our ovarian wisdom represents our deepest creativity. One's ability to yield to the creativity, to acknowledge that it cannot be controlled with intellect, is the key to understanding ovarian power which must be allowed to come through. When a women does not heed to her innermost creative wisdom because of her fears or insecurities about the world outside herself, ovarian problems can arise."


Dr Christiane Northrup

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