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Photo of young children

It has become increasingly common for parents to treat their children at home with homeopathic remedies for a wide range of common acute problems. This is to be encouraged.


However if something becomes a recurring problem or there is a deeper emotional or mental imbalance, then homeopathic care should be left to someone who is professionally trained.


Depending on the common pattern of illness a child experiences, he or she can be identified as a constitutional type. This identification can show what stresses can bring upon the illnesses. It also helps in identifying how each constitution would respond differently to various methods of parenting, disciplining and communication in general.


Homeopathy can enhance a parent's relationship with their child, and create a more fertile environment in which the child as well as the parent can blossom.

"As a mother of three children, I have personally found the homeopathic approach extremely helpful and satisfying in conditions ranging from physical issues such as teething, colds and menstrual issues, to emotional issues such as fears, exam anxieties, learning and problems with concentration."


Geetu Anand

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