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Testimonial from a parent whose child suffered febrile convulsions

We chose to seek homeopathic help when our daughter was 16 months old and had started suffering from febrile convulsions (seizures). We saw a few doctors over a 3-4 week period after she had suffered three seizures in three weeks. They advised us that she would outgrow them after the age of about 4-5 years old and just to give her Nurofen and Calpol when she suffered from a seizure and to strip her down to keep her cool.

It was at this point we decided to seek alternative help. There was no chance that we would risk her having another seizure! After explaining the whole situation to Geetu, she prescribed some homeopathic tablets and within about a few weeks she never experienced another seizure.

Our daughter is now three years old and seems to be out of the woods thanks to Geetu. We would recommend homeopathic remedies any day!


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